Hwang Chiyeol (황치열) is a Korean singer and musician from Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea.  Born on December 3, 1982,  and the youngest of three (3) children, he loved dancing and performing and was part of a dance group in his hometown. He  debuted in 2007 with a digital single album which was self titled (Chi yeol) and a second album with the title Five senses. He was also a member of the group Wednesday.

Although very talented, his first stint as a singer was not very successful. He spent his twenties working part-time jobs and taught  in music schools as a vocal coach for a living until late 2014. Some of the K-pop groups he trained include Lovelyz, Infinite, Hello Venus, After School and NU’EST. In 2015, he appeared on a Mnet’s TV program I can see your voice and this programme  earned him a spot on KBS’s music show, Immortal Song 2 which catapulted him into stardom. He is currently competing in Hunan TV’s I  am a singer in China and also a regular cast on MBC’s TV show, I live alone.


“I moved up to Seoul from my hometown 10 years ago to make my dream come true. I taught as a vocal coach for a living and haven’t let go of music. I went through a tough patch and so many times I was thinking about giving up but I always kept my small dream of becoming a singer in my heart and I hoped that I would be singing in front of many people someday. Now I want to let many people hear my voice.

“I am Hwang Chi Yeul.”

Source: Wikipedia



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