Hwang Chiyeol earns first place with Bang Bang Bang on Chinese show I am a singer.

hwang chiyeol bang bang

On the February 5th episode of the Chinese version of ‘I Am a Singer’, soloist Hwang Chiyeol took the stage with a Mandarin cover of Big Bang’s smash hit “Bang Bang Bang”!

Hwang Chiyeol stood on stage, decked out in a white tuxedo, and blew away the audience with his rendition of the Korean song. The theme he chose was ‘James Bond: 007’, apparent by his suit but also through the performance and dance he presented to the audience.

This is the second time he has sung a Big Bang song for the show, having covered “Lies” in the past. The judges unanimously gave him the #1 spot, and the audience chose him as the artist of the day.

Hwang Chiyeol came to the spotlight through the show ‘I Can See Your Voice’ and is currently active in both the Korean and Chinese market.

Check out his cover of Big Bang Below, and give us your opinion on the rendition.

Source: Allkpop




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