Hwang Chi Yeul Talks About His Success in China After BIGBANG Cover

Hwang Chi Yeol Talks About His Success in China After BIGBANG Cover


Recently, singer Hwang Chi Yeol gave a stellar performance of BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” on the Chinese version of “I Am a Singer.” On February 13, Hwang Chi Yeol sat down for an interview with KBS‘s “Entertainment Weekly” to discuss his recent breakout success.

Due to his outstanding performance, Hwang Chi Yeol is experiencing great popularity in China. “It’s still interesting to me when I see my name come out top on the live search rankings,” said the singer. He then explained his reason for choosing BIGBANG’s song: “I thought about which song would best identify with both China and Korea. That is when I thought of ‘Bang Bang Bang.’ However, I also felt some pressure because BIGBANG is a very popular group in China.”

Hwang Chi Yeol’s rendition of T.O.P‘s rap in the song surprised everyone. Upon compliments on his skills, he humbly replied, “Although it’s a little better now, it’s not at a level where I can earn money with it.” He then expressed his delight towards fans, saying, “These days when I go to the airport, many fans come out to meet me.”

If you missed it, watch it here.

Source: Soompi



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