Hwang Chiyeul- Potential winner of Chinese show “I am a singer 4”


On the ninth episode that aired on Friday 11th March, Hwang Chiyeul sang “You are Only in a Place Slightly Higher,” which was originally sung by Korean singer Shin Seung-hoon.” He showed off his explosive ability and expressive emotions. After the performance, he ranked fourth among seven contestants, based on audience’s votes. 

Earlier, in the eighth episode, the 33-year-old singer had emerged the top winner by showcasing amazing dance moves performed to Korean singer-producer Park Jin-young’s song “Honey.” He has also ranked first and second previous episodes as well.

“Hwang successfully captivated audiences across all ages and he is fully qualified as a winner,” reported local media.

He is the only foreign singer currently appearing on the show. There are only five rounds left until the final. If he were to become the winner, he will be the first non-Chinese singer to take home the trophy.

Source: Kpopherald


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