Korean Wave(Hallyu) Star Hwang Chiyeul


Translated and written by   Totorozang

 On the 89th episode of JTBC  talk show “Non-Summit” which aired on March 14th, the topic for discussion for the week centred on the impact of the Korean wave, which is also know as Hallyu. The question, Is the Korean Wave a mere bubble or not, was thrown to the panel.

Zhang Yuan, who features on Chinese program ” I am a Singer Season 4″ as Hwang Chiyuel’s manager, is also a regular panel on the above-mentioned Korean show. He noted,

“Amid all the big-time Korean celebrities who are well known in China, Hwang Chiyeul is definitely the most eye catching rookie who had risen to stardom. Zhang Yuan went on to say, “The viewer ratings of this singing competition which Hwang ChiYeul is featured in, runs at about 1.3%. The figure itself sounds low but this number translates into 50million or so viewers in real time. Hwang ChiYuel opened a Weibo account not too long ago and amassed an immediate 3 million followers in just 3-weeks. This is  remarkable proof of his recent popularity in China”.

I think Zhang Yuan did a great job promoting  Hwang Chiyeul and making Korean viewers aware of his huge popularity in China. And I am truly thankful to him for his support!!Great job, Zhang Yuan! 😃



What are your thoughts on the Korean wave? Is it just an illusion?

Article translated from :Mydaily



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