Recap of Hwang Chiyeuls Performance on I am a singer Ep. 10

By Phae in the Yellow Sun


I’ve watched Hwang Chiyeul battle it out week after week on China’s TV show, I am a singer. Its been ten weeks of performances, sad ballads, dancing and sweating it out. This week I saw something different. I saw a performer genuinely enjoying his time on the stage. Jumping around, enjoying a song in another language that only took days to memorize. This probably wasn’t his best performance and I for one really loved his rendition of Phil Chang’s Eternity of a person in episode 7. It was soulful and beautifully sang, but I digress.

This episodes performance got me clapping and stomping my feet. Hwang Chiyeul performed Gai Bian Zi Zhi (Change Myself) which is originally  sung by Wang Lee Hom but with a twist. The song was interfused with Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby and Mark Ronson’s Uptown funk.  The arrangement was well done and the transition between the songs was smooth, almost as if those three songs had been written together.  The chorus was catchy and fun and this was also the first time he performed a Chinese dance number, and he didn’t disappoint-well he got first place for this song.

He looked comfortable, he was all over the stage, he got the audience engaged in the performance. They were singing along as though it had been planned from the very beginning. He looked genuinely happy, the audience was happy. His excitement seemed to have gotten the best of him and towards the end of the song, he sounded out of breath and a little pitchy. He did make up for this with his infectious energy and dancing which seemed to have affected the audience as well. No one cared about whether he was out of breath or not. If they had, he wouldn’t have won first place but also, the best performances aren’t always those that have the best technique. The best performances are those that speak to the audience and to whoever is listening or watching. He spoke through his performance, the loudest way he possibly could, by telling them to have fun with him on the stage. I had a blast watching him.

And the ending, don’t get me started on the ending. Whats up with him going shirtless in his performances these past few weeks? I honestly believe no one can pull off that type of dancing without me cringing from second hand embarrassment. But I have to admit, I loved it, bum shaking and all. The screams from the audience  said it all!! The look on Lala Hsu’s face said it all. Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!! The screaming heard from my kitchen says it all.

I am looking forward to next week’s round of performances but judging from the preview, it seems as though ballads have been thrown out the window, and that makes me a little sad.

Missed it? Watch it here:


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