Recap on Hwang Chiyeul’s Performance on I am a singer Ep.7

By Phae in the Yellow Sun

Hwang Chiyeul sings Phil Changs Eternity of a Person in Ep. 7 of I am a singer.

This is by far one of my favourite performances till date.  I only watch “I am a singer” because Hwang Chiyeul is currently competing on this show. Prior to this, I had never heard of the show and my knowledge of Chinese was very limited. In fact “hello” and “my name is” are probably the only words i knew. I am more interested in learning Korean because some of my very close friends are Korean and I really love the way the language sounds. Listening to this song made me really appreciate Mandarin and the fluidity of the language but i cannot deny that it sounded even better because it was sang by Chiyeul. Whoever wrote this song did an amazing job. The lyrics have such a depth to them (The original is really good too). Having listened to the original hereI realized how similar Hwang Chiyeul sounds to the original singer Phil Chang. 

I’ve had this song on repeat since i first time I heard it. At first i didn’t understand the lyrics but that didn’t matter at all. The lyrics are very sad but meaningful, but I believe that the ability to feel the depth of a song transcends any language. It is only those who cannot feel who do not listen. I can sing this entire song in Chinese without looking up the lyrics, that goes to show how much I love this rendition.

It was soulful and heartfelt and the melody was so beautiful. I must give a thumbs up to the  orchestra/band, they were quite impressive especially at the beginning of the song and also at that moment where the song transitions from Chinese  to Korean song, Arirang. Chiyeul begins the song really softly and slowly almost as if time is slowly beginning to stop. His expressions are calm and he begins to slowly tell a story that most people can identify with-heart break, false believe in happy ever after etc.  I wish he would sing more songs this way, calm and collected, without much force. He presented a song that was filled with heavy words in the most gentle way. The song does pick up tempo towards the middle and I really wish it had stayed the same till the end.

Arirang is a beautiful song when sung on its own because it has so much meaning to it, however I feel it was a great choice because it added to the emotion  and pain that the song presented and it also slowed the song down one more time before it picked up again. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this performance. It was bold without being too loud, It was emotional  without the need for tears. In my opinion, it was sung effortlessly.  The melody is sad but it felt like one of those sad ballads that soothe an aching heart.

Lyrics here


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