“Superstar” Hwang Chiyeul, named Lotte Duty Free Shop Brand Ambassador

Translated by Evelynn Tham (HCYSG)                                                                                                        Edited by Phae in the Sun


HOWEntertainment revealed this week that singer Hwang Chiyeul has being selected as a new ambassador for Lotte Duty Free Shop for 2016. Lotte Duty Free brand ambassadors are Korean artist who are well known overseas and also in Korea. This affirms his immense popularity in China and in the sub region.

Current Lotte Duty Free Shop band ambassadors, include, boy group EXO, Super Junior, 2PM and actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min-Ho, Park Hae-Jin and Choi Ji-Woo. It has been less than 3 months since Hwang Chiyeul’s introduction to China’s TV show, I am a Singer4, however, his popularity has soar and this has earned him the tag, Korean wave/Hallyu star. It is no secret that Lotte Duty Free Shop ambassadors are selected based on their level of popularity as Korean wave stars and their decision to do so reflects this.

Hwang Chiyeul is currently participating in China’s Hunan Broadcasting System’s “I am a Singer 4” and he has delivered spectacular performances week after week.

The above-mentioned show comprises of 14 episodes with performances from seasoned singers across Asia who perform in front of 500 audience members. Each week, the singers are ranked based on votes from the audience and this determines whether they stay or are eliminated. Hwang Chiyeul is been tagged as the next winner for this year’s competition, due to his heat wrenching and sizzling performances. He has also ranked Number one in 3 out of 10 episodes.

Congratulations Hwang Chiyuel!!

Source: Weibo


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