[Article] Infinite’s Hoya talks about Hwang Chiyeul

Translated by Totorozang

호야 “보컬 스승 황치열, 정말 성공할 줄 알았죠”(인터뷰③)

Interview with Hoya of Korean Boyband Infinite (interview 3)

 Hoya from Infinite openly expressed his love toward his former vocal trainer Hwang Chiyeul. Hwang Chiyeul has been known to work as a vocal trainer for one of  Korea’s top boyband groups “Infinite” before he rose to stardom. During an interview to promote his new movie “Heeya”, Hoya commented, “I was always convinced that Hwang Chiyeul will make it and be  successful. I just knew it. “ 

He also added, “Hwang Chiyeul is not only an incredible singer but also a good looking guy. Plus, he is a good dancer with a great sense of humour and talk skills. Back then, I always wondered why he would not make his singing debut. Then, I was told he already made his debut album. I thought he should have tried his singing career again at that time. Then later, I learned he was introduced to a TV show and got famous.  He continued with a smile, “I ran into him in the middle of a building hallway last year at a year-end singing festival. We were just standing there and talking nonstop for 4 hours just to catch up. By the time I had to go to my own rehearsal, my legs started to feel really tired and weird.  Now, no one can argue, Hwang Chiyeul is the most newly acclaimed star in China and I know he takes every single minute very seriously to further challenge himself to meet  expectations of him.

The new movie “Heeya” of which Hoya stars as a main character is a heartwarming story about conflict and reconciliation between two brothers. The older brother, Jin Sang (starred by Ahn Bo Hyn) is a troublemaker who has messed up his life and his younger brother, Jin Ho (starred by Lee Ho Won aka Hoya) is a passionate high school student who wants to become a singer. INFINITE Hoya used his real name Lee Ho Won for his first ever movie screen debut. 

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