Recap of Hwang Chiyeul’s Performance on “I am a Singer” Ep. 8 (Honey)

By Phae in the Yellow Sun

Hwang Chiyeul performed JYP’s Honey on Episode 8 of I am a singer Season 4.

I’m sure everyone has felt this way before. You find yourself in a situation where you want something to stop because you are embarrassed by the fact that you like it however, you don’t actually want it to stop. Its complicated, I know! This performance reminds me of such. I watched this particular performance with my Korean roommate who has officially been turned into a Hwang Chiyeul fan by me. It’s close to 1pm in the afternoon when the full episode is uploaded but we decide to skip straight to Hwang Chiyeul’s performance before watching the entire show. Lets just say we never went back to watching the rest of the show. Imagine 2 girls on a Friday afternoon, just woke up, no make up, hungry, wearing PJ’s, T shirt and shorts and huddled together to watch a TV show we barely understand. We definitely got more than we bargained for.

There’s not doubt that this performance was exciting. Hwang Chiyeul walks on to the stage wearing a white jacket, black leather pants, two male dancer behind…Oh Hooooney!!! The intro zaps you right in but the interesting thing is that at this point he has  only sang about 2 to 3 lines of the song  but I was already sold. We were already sold!  That intro was beyond perfection, his voice was raspy and rich, he  blew a kiss, winked and started enticing us with his dancing. This song was really great for his voice, I really enjoyed the  low husky notes  and raspy tone of his voice.

But we all know what the highlight of this song is. His solo dance performance right in the middle of the song. When he stopped singing my roommate and I knew something was up and we weren’t wrong. We were given the shock of our lives!! I wish I could describe how hard we screamed when he put that fedora on his head, slid that jacket down his shoulders and his hands down his chest. Maybe, we should have each watched it alone instead of together. The embarrassment was twice as much. It was a mixture of “did he just do that in front of all those people” to “did i just see that”, to “scream, yes I did”, and finally to “wait lets rewind”. For about a week or so I could watch this performance without screaming. It was definitely sexy, fun, captivating, bold and also quite chessy but he sure does make cheesy look good, or maybe I’m just growing old and my sense of good judgement is failing me. Help!

There’s something about Hwang Chiyeul I cant quite describe  He has a way of making you like the very thing you would normally say no to. He exudes  sadness, fun, sexiness and style in his performances and he knows how well to captivate his audience. To him, being on stage is an opportunity to wow his audience and he uses whatever means  he can. I really do appreciate his showmanship and the attention he has received as a result . Hard work surely does pay off and Hwang Chiyeul is a perfect example of that. The  same way a writer/author would worry about how his/her writing is received, I believe  a performer also worries about exciting his audience. But if we are true to ourselves we will know that pleasing everyone is hard and in the end the hard work, value and substance put in by people like Hwang Chiyeul is what makes all the difference. This was a well deserved number 1 spot.


4 thoughts on “Recap of Hwang Chiyeul’s Performance on “I am a Singer” Ep. 8 (Honey)

  1. Me too… I was thrilled and mesmerized by Hwang ChiYeul’s performance on Honey. It was beyond anyone’s expectation. The audience was spellbound by his great performance. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo, Hwang ChiYeul!

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  2. I am tottaly agree with u….. He knows how to be Heang Chiyeol and be like always hass been.. He is so smart anid so unique that every time i watch him in a show i expect the inexpected from him…he is so talent and adorable that i love this man more and more every day…


  3. Well well well.
    Yes I said it.I am officially a big fan of Hwang Chi Yeol.He is my everything.
    This is a very big deal considering I had never interested in Kpop.
    Oh maybe he is not just in that typical category.
    Feeling is exactly same when I watched Honey……..still excited….😋


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