[IMP]Please watch Hwang Chiyeul’s broadcast on Friday, April 8th


On Friday 8th April at 20:10 (Changsha time), the seven competing singers on “I am a singer4”  will each have a broadcast in their own living/waiting  rooms. This will decide the order for singing.

  1. The singers with the most supporters  logged in and watching their broadcast will be able to decide when they want to sing in the final.
  2. The sequence for singing will depend on the number of votes that each singer receives. The higher the number of votes, the higher the possibility that the singer will sing later.
  3. Voting will only be during the telecast so please log in early and wait for the program to start.
  4. To Vote, you will need to log in,  register and have an account
  5.  To make it easier for you please use google chrome which will help translate the page for you as it is in Chinese. At the top of the page will be “Live” click on it.
  6. The broadcast will be listed under “singer studio”

If you don’t want Chiyeul to sing first, please  download the app and watch his broadcast and also vote for him. Also, you can never be bored while watching his broadcast. That’s a guarantee. Come all out and show your support on Friday.

App Download link here

Mango TV website


Source: Hwang Chiyeul’s Naver Cafe

Evelynn (Chiyeul Singapore Facebook)


7 thoughts on “[IMP]Please watch Hwang Chiyeul’s broadcast on Friday, April 8th

  1. I want to watch all this show… my heart is gonna die !!!!!…. Surely I´ll be there…but I have problems with the hour….where can i confirm the Current Local Time in Changsha, Hunan, China whith local time in Mexico … according to my calculations i have to tune in at 08:00 AM on April 7th .. I hope i am right… is only one vote for person?….thanks for share…. this is the first time that i am going to see it live..


    1. Hi, You will probably have to figure that out on your own since there are many fans who live in different parts of the world. I’m not sure if this helps but from Canada(at least where I am) Changsha is 13 hours ahead. I looked up Mexico, and Changsha is 11 hours ahead of you (not sure if its accurate. it could be different depending on where you live). so it should be around 7am for you when the broadcast starts. hope this helps 🙂

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  2. Hi, I am a fan in the US. I would definitely try to show support by streaming live and voting for Chi Yeul. However I think the MgTV (芒果TV) app is not available to download from the US app store. So for overseas fans (at least in US) our best bet is to stream from the Mgtv website on our computers. Let’s all show our support!

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    1. Hi, Welcome and thanks for passing by. I tried to download it as well but it seems the only way to download it will be directly and not via the app store. I’m not sure how that works. Its not in the Canadian app store either. I guess the only will be to watch it via the Mango TV website. As long as your logged in it should be ok.

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  3. i am gettin so sad…i try and try to get the app for the show…but i could not get it… and if this is a bad thing my pc lost some codecs in the process… trying to fix it..but …i am going to try to watch live this final round no matter what… so sad.. fighting Hwang Chiyeol….!!!!


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