[Eng Translation] Hwang Chiyeul Featured in Singapore Showbiz News.

Translated by Evelynn (Singapore HCYFB Manager)4e6cedc9203b4d5

I am a Singer 4

Hwang Chiyeul is singing Descendants of the sun theme song?

This Friday will be the finals for I am a singer 4. From the official Weibo account, they have announced the guest singers who will be partnering with the current competing singers in the final but they did not state exactly which singers will be pairing up though. News has spread online that Xu Jiaying(Lala Hsu) will be pairing with JJ Lin, Zhang Xinzhe and Coco will be pairing with Akon and Neyo respectively.

The most exciting one will be Korean Singer, Hwang Chiyeul paring with Gummy and will be singing the theme song “You are my everything” from the current famous drama, Descendants of the Sun.

Gummy is the original singer for “Descendants of the Sun theme song, “You are my everything”. This piece of news has brought a lot of excitement to the current fans for this Korean drama show.

The last part is stating the list of singers and their songs. By the way, sharing with Korean fans out thee who may not know this. JJ Lin is also another famous Singaporean Singer with 30 million followers in his weibo account. He is a composer and singer himself too. 🙂


Singapore News

(Thanks to Evelynn for the translation from Chinese to English)


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