[English Translation] I am a Singer Finale – How the Final will be Conducted.



This is how the competition is going to be conducted on Friday April 8th. Please help to give him your support!
English Translation
1. For the First round of the competition, singers will sing with their invited guest (Duet performance), and the 3 most popular performances will be selected, but as for elimination, only one of the singers will be eliminated.

2. For the 2nd round, the remaining 6 singers will be competing based on the first round’s result, 1st place will compete with the 6th in place,2nd with 5th place, 3rd with 4th place. The three best singers will be selected for the 3rd round.

3.  The 3rd round of competition will be based on voting to choose the champion.

Translated by Evelynn (HCY Singapore FB Manager)


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