Hwang Chiyeul places 3rd in the final of I am a Singer Season 4

By Phae in the Yellow Sun


Korean singer Hwang Chiyeul picked up 3rd place in the final of Chinese TV show, “I am a singer season 4”. The singer performed You are my everything with Korean Songstress Gummy. For the next round of the competition he performed Jam Hsiao’s Queen but with a twist. This rendition was a mash up of EXO’s Growl and Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry.

For the first round of voting, Hwang Chiyeul placed 2nd with 37% of the votes followed by veteran Taiwanese singer Jeff Chang with 21% however Coco Lee was in the lead with 42% of the votes.

The final voting  round to select the winner was decided between the top three singers. Coco Lee placed first with 53.29% of the votes, Jeff Chang placed 2nd with 25.75% of the votes and Hwang Chiyeul dropped to third place with 20.96% of the votes from the audience. Thus the winner for Season 4 of I am a singer is Coco Lee. Looking forward to the last episode of I am a Singer next week. Full Episode here

Although he wasn’t first, we are still very proud of him because he has shown his tenacity, fighting spirit and his sincerity on stage.

We as fans are indeed proud of you Hwang Chiyuel!

Congratulations to you and to all the singers on the show. Its been a thrill!!



5 thoughts on “Hwang Chiyeul places 3rd in the final of I am a Singer Season 4

  1. I am very proud of him too. He is a very nice guy who treats his fans well, and I am happy to see that both his parents are proud of his achievements too. Fighting, ChiYeul sshi! And congratulations! You are already a champion in our heart!

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  2. Congrats Chiyeul. For me you are the Champion as your performances are consistently excellent. Considering you did not have a fan base the first time you joined, yet the audience have voted you in the top 4 for most of the shows. 3 number ones was not an easy feat. I knew you will reach stardom from the first time I saw you on Immortal Songs. Keep it up. This fan of yours from the Philippines truly appreciate you. Continue being good to your parents so that you will be blessed eternally. Mama Fely.


  3. IN all our eyes, mind and heart you’re the only champion our dearest oppa we support you all the way through even from the farthest distance , here in Abu Dhabi UAE and the Philippines yours truly Mocca


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