Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (April 14th)

Translated by @AboutHessi

April 14th

밤새 가사 외운다거 한숨도 못자서 너무힘들었는데 팬님들 보자마자 힘이 딱!!! 사랑의 힘인가요!?

I had to memorize lyrics, had a tough time that I couldn’t sleep a wink last night but as soon as I saw my dear fans, it increased my energy wow!!! Is this the power of love!?



4 thoughts on “Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (April 14th)

  1. Happy to see that Hwang ChiYeul is doing great in his life now. His well accepted popularity is soaring high and he managed to have millions of fans around the world in just a short period of time. Well done! Bravo! Hope his tight schedule will not stress him out… Please take good care of yourself, ChiYeul sshi…

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  2. Oh thank you a very much for all your hard work.
    I recently found out about Chi yeol and really liked him a lot.
    I am a big softie for underdog stories like him.
    Keep up good work.
    I love you this blog about him and I Love Chi yeol .Saranghhei


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