[UnAired] Hwang Chiyeul’s Happy Camp Episode

For all those asking about the Happy Camp Episode that was supposed to have aired yesterday, the episode didn’t air not because Hwang Chiyeul was injured on that episode. Rather, it was because the episode was not approved to air by Chinese authorities because some of guest (actors) featured in a Web drama that was considered controversial because it highlighted certain issues or topics that the Chinese authorities consider inappropriate. The previous Happy Camp episode featuring the “I am a singer” cast was aired again instead. China is still a communist country after all. It had nothing to do with Chiyeul. Lets hope the episode will be approved. If not I’ll put up the short clips taken by fans who were at the recording on the blog.

Some Pictures of the episode below

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One thought on “[UnAired] Hwang Chiyeul’s Happy Camp Episode

  1. It’s actually a sorrow especially Addicted Webseries drama fans that the mentioned controversial were banned (until now) to appear together on the same screen, or even to meet face to face in public. True, it got unaired not because of HCY (don’t worry) but because Huang Jingyu pinned Xu Weizhou naturally on the mat.


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