Hwang Chiyeul shows his appreciation to Ezin Dancers.

If you’ve been watching I am a Singer 4, you probably know by now that Ezin dancers have been helping Hwang Chiyeul to bring us amazing performances almost every week. He couldn’t have done it without the help of his amazing back up dancers. Hwang Chiyeul of course shows his appreciation for this.

This is a post by Ezin Dancers on their Instagram. Translated to English by @Abouthessi


This  is a Kakao Talk message from Chiyeul to his backup dancers. They received Chinese currency from him and this gesture is additional appreciation from Chiyeul.

Chiyeul’s message in the photo reads:

I actually would’ve liked to express my gratitude to you guys after Singer4 was done….Sorry it’s late~ I really appreciate it you guys did a good job of preparing for every single stage n supported me that I was able to win 1st place… I’m serious^^ Let’s keep it up n try to become humble artists doing great performances in China kkkkkkkkkkkk


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  1. They really did a great job…. i enjoy their performances….


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