[Videos] Hwang Chiyeul at Honda Event in China (April 23)

Videos from the Honda Event which Hwang Chiyeul performed at on April 23rd. Just wondering why they didn’t allow an Interpreter for this event. He really tried to engage the Audience but they were unresponsive and he had to talk to them in Chinese. I know he tried his best but It made me cringe a little. Whoever decided not to allow an interpreter for this event needs some serious talking to!! I’m really not impressed!!



  1. Should have sack the manager for not doing a good job. Pity ChiYeul for trying so hard to get the audience’s response 😦


  2. He was really nervous trying to follow directions and capturing the jokes that th MCs was doing … it seems that it was difficult to him to understand a little of what they said … this should not happen


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