How to purchase Hwang Chiyeul’s Single on April 26.

By Totorozang

Dear overseas fans, I have been looking into an alternative way to purchase his new song to be released tomorrow. For overseas fans in general other than the ones in China (I know there had been some specific instructions as to how to purchase the new release in several ways using Chinese apps), I believe the safest and the easiest way will be a purchase through iTunes.

I know it’s quite frustrating and could even be depressing too to a certain degree 😦 but some of the Korean music sites do require complicated security steps to, take, starting from registration to payment. Here are a few simple steps to take for current Iphone users or Itunes. Please refer to the screen capture shot attached below. Open the Itunes app and search for “Hwang Chi Yeul. I only see two of his previous songs under his name but I believe his new song will be added tomorrow at noon(4/26). If you already have your CC info stored in your system, all you need to do is simply click on his new song “Without You” and finalize the purchase. Good luck everyone and please share with me if you happen to know other better ways for us overseas fans 🙂 Thanks millions for all your support!!

 iTunes will be the easiest way for international Fans to purchase his music but if you are able to stream it on Melon or other Korean Music streaming sites, it will help boost the visibility of his ‘New Single’.


To Stream/buy it on Melon(Korean Music sites) Follow the instructions on this LINK


You can also download his new song on Soribada. its in English and its very easy. You just create an account and purchase.

Link here


The song can also be purchased on itunes now. You have to search for the song using the Korean Title, 없이 못 살아.  It will pop up immediately. Its selling for 99cents on the Canadian itunes store (probably the same for other countries). Lets go all out and support.



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