What were your experiences while trying to purchase Hwang Chiyeul’s New Song? We’d like to hear from you.

By Phae in the Yellow Sun

Hello fellow fans of Hwang Chiyeul,

As you already know, Korean Singer Hwang Chiyeul released a special single for his fans on April 26 and the song is titled ‘Without you. It is however ironic that many of the  fans outside Korean couldn’t access or download the single because there was virtually no information on how to do so. There was enormous traffic today on the blog and lots of people were looking for information on how to purchase his music. It was frantic, a bit chaotic and honestly unpleasant in my opinion. If not for the hard work of Fans who single handedly created and complied  information on how to purchase his music, it would have been a total disappointment. We believe that his Management company could do better in this regard.

We would like to hear your views on the processes you had to go through to purchase his music, whether you were satisfied and what you would like to see being improved. We hope to send this information to his management company (HowEntertainment) so that this does not happen next time.

Please take some time to take the poll below and leave comments on what you think could be done better. If you have any other comments please feels free to leave it below. We will compile all of them and send it to HowEntertainment.

Thank you for your time.



7 thoughts on “What were your experiences while trying to purchase Hwang Chiyeul’s New Song? We’d like to hear from you.

  1. Very dissatisfied because 1) it was unclear if the song would be available on iTunes outside of Korea 2) the song is unsearchable by Chiyeul’s name in English, Chinese, and Korean.

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  2. The song couldn’t be searched by his name…guess what? There was no artist’s name in the beginning! It was so humiliating!


  3. Not too satisfied. Not too many websites available to purchase song in USA. Available on iTune but difficult to search. Cannot find song by Chiyeul’s name, have to type in song name in Korean to find the song

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  4. It took me the whole day trying very hard to register myself to Melom app. For those who had went through that would know what was it like! Till I got information that iTunes Store is available to purchase Chi Yeul’s new song and realized his name was not able to find his new release!

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  5. Chi Yeul is now known widely in many countries, fans are all over the world. So, a search in song title & artist’s name in English, Chinese & Korean is expected. This is the worst experience in song purchase ever.
    This is totally the fault of management. I really hope this can be reviewed avoid in the future.

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  6. Not residing in Korea or China and had issues trying to find source to purchase this single. Although the official release at Korea timing was states at 12pm, it wasn’t made available to iTunes Store SG until almost a day later. Also, in iTunes Store SG, the singer was originally labelled as ‘UN’. Had to use the song title to locate the song to purchase. Suggest the company provide a list of official sources to purchase the single for fans from different country regions which could also help to facilitate the correct sales statistic.

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