Please read – Thoughts from a fan on Hwang Chiyeul’s Management.

This was posted by a fan in the Naver Cafe. Thoughts?

Hello, I have been thinking about what happened yesterday and recently to chi yeul on and off the stage and decided to write to you all since I have some time now and my cell phone here with me. I know all of you love him so much and trying so hard to protect him. thank you!

To be honest, before Chi yeul attends the I am a singer program I didn’t really had any particular feeling for Chinese people
but throughout the competition I saw how sweet all of you are and really started to care about Chinese fans.

I was so impressed by your genuine love and support for him and touched my heart deeply. Now I feel like I am very close to you all as his fan. I believe that few people who reacted really bad many times recently are not really his fans but just few immature and selfish outsiders so I hope you don’t feel too bad about it

However, i think as a fan group you could do things for him so in the future these kind of things can be prevented.
I would like to share my suggestions and hope chinese fan who sees this post can pass this to others so you can all pass my suggestions TO HIS CHINESE SPONSORING COMPANY.

1. Hire really good TRANSLATOR for chi yeul in EVERY event whether it is short or long. He shouldn’t have extra burden or stress to fill the gaps between songs with his limited Chinese. The lady who translated the fashion show the other day is excellent translator who can help him. other translators did horrible jobs by omitting his important remarks, by wrong translation, by not translating other people who are talking to him etc. they all left him deal with situation by himself not knowing exactly what’s going on.

2. Hire excellent chinese PERSONAL LANGUAGE TUTOR who will actually teach him proper chinese. I am sure you don’t want him to just sing in China for a year and burn out. Chinese company needs to remember that they should think future not immediate money he generates with events. In order for him to succeed in a long run he needs to learn good chinese so he can communicate and express himself well. you all know that he has so much potential to be successful in China and the rest of the world

3. PREPARE HIM for every event.
it means let him know the nature of event, people who attends, what to expect at the event, and furthermore prepare him in advance(chinese writing on the paper) what to say to the audience. Don’t make him go out there talk about girls when most of audience are middle aged men

He needs time to recover his voice after each event. his singing style can hurt his voice without proper care. company has commitments to fulfill and this is time for him to go out and let his name known.
i get that. but people will begin to notice if he keeps singing with strained voice and it will damage him eventually
please tell the company “don’t kill the golden goose who lays golden eggs”
protect him! don’t book the events right after another especially when two events are thousands miles away. He needs rest!

5. TAKE EXTRA MEASURE TO ACCEPT ADVERTISEMENT. Generally koreans are very sensitive to certain political issues.
many korean celebrities had hard time to recover their popularity after sign certain advertisement contracts with controversial company or country etc. Chi yeul shouldn’t go event where general korean public can make harsh judgement or appear advertisement that can degrading his good image.
I know many chinese people like him because of his wonderful personal story and personality. Company have to approach advertising contracts with extra caution not blinded by big money.

Many celebrities had hard time due to their bodyguards behavior and endured public criticism. Chi yeul’ bodyguards and anybody in his group represent him whether they like it or not.
They shouldn’t be too rude to fans but at the same time they shouldn’t be too relaxed either. yesterday’s incident could have been prevented if his guards were on the edge and really paid attention to him.
You don’t want him to get hurt by crazy people. I am afraid if this kind of incidents continues even good hearted chi yeul might end up living in fear of sudden attack. its comforting to know that he didn’t get hurt yesterday. he is very articulated, genuine, good hearted person who will not express his hurt right away for the sake of fans. We, fans should do our best to protect him.

PS: please try not to bring flowers to him or take a picture with him while he is singing on the stage. I think it is a courtesy for us to let him finish singing his song without distraction

I still have few things in my heart to share but I think I alreday wrote too long. I will stop here and I apologize if my post made any of you upset. just remember that I am a fan who loves and cares chi yeul just like you. what I shared here is just genuine concern. I can’t read and write chinese so I can’t communicate to his chinese company but you all can do it for me, after all, we are sisters in supporting him.

let’s wish chi yeul all the best for his career and happiness!

love you all.


7 thoughts on “Please read – Thoughts from a fan on Hwang Chiyeul’s Management.

  1. Yes yes yes someone really knows how to support and love hus/her fave singer.
    I full heartedly support your genuine concern.
    While he is still learning Chinese which I think number 1 difficult language we all need to give him break.
    He needs to have breaks and relax about a little bit.😊😇😀

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  2. I agree completely with what was said. As a huge fan I don’t want to see Chiyeul ‘s reputation damaged by the management company’s wrong doing. I did leave a massage on the boss’s weibo referring this article and hopefully get attention from them. But I don’t have full confidence with the company.

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    1. Thank you, stella1018. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Hopefully, your message to the boss will remind him to treat ChiYeul better and take some precautionary measures to help improve ChiYeul’s life as an artist.

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    2. Thank you, stella1018. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Hopefully, your message to the boss will remind him to treat ChiYeul better and take some precautionary measures to help improve ChiYeul’s life as an artist.


  3. Totally agree with this fan of ChiYeul. I think ChiYeul’s Chinese management company is all out for big bucks only. I really hope that someone can help this kind-hearted fan to translate and forward the message to ChiYeul’s management company in China. After all, ChiYeul is just a normal human being, not a robot. He needs proper rest and time off to rejuvenate himself. Give him some space and let’s hope ChiYeul will recover from all the unnecessary stress and gain some weight. My heart is wailing to see him look so haggard nowadays… Please help ChiYeul.

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    1. I think that most of us have notice the hardworking that Hwang Chiyeol has been throug….. and of course the fans has been concerned about Chiyeol´s health, rest, and about the people who is around him for any cause you can imagine… but certanly Chiyeol in a very intelligent man… also he is an extraordinary artist and so careful and warmly person…. We could think that he is trying to recover all the time he was out from the showbiz and do what he always wished to do with all his might and even more give his best to the people that has been falling in love with him in this back satge time….. I love that the people of china gives him all their love while he stays in this months in this beautiful country…. so this this list of requirements are really important…… against all the wishes to see him singing all
      the time…(in my own case i just can´t stay without listening and watching his shows
      most part of the day)…. ..the most important thing is his health and good care of his carrer as an artist……. i really hope Chiyeol can get back to walk around his fans without that bodyguards like he always did…… and evently he can take control of his career and a good care of his own person ….. and if he has time…. gets as soon as possible a good translator just for his chinese shows… I wish all the best to a great artist and singer.. and all my love and best wishes to the man and lovely person Chiyeol…


  4. What a touching and wonderful message written out of genuine love for Chi Yeul. Hope his management company in China gets to read it soon.

    Chi Yeul is being overworked – it breaks my heart to see him getting thinner and thinner. Ever the true professional, he is doing the best that he can but for his own good, the company managing him in China must take better care of him.

    Regarding the translator part, how lovely it would be if Zhang Yuan (such a good friend of Chi Yeul) could be at Chi Yeul’s side at more events – he did a great job at tonight’s event (YY).

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