[Eng Trans] Interview with director of “Immortal Songs” on Hwang Chiyeul

Translated by Totorozang


Korean Music show “Immortal Songs – Singing of the Legends” was first televised on June 4, 2011 on KBS2 Channel.  It was aired around 6pm on Saturdays and has maintained a consistently good rating even when the show had to compete face to face with “Infinite Challenge” of MBC, which has taken an insurmountable lead in the realm of TV ratings. The show not only offered a stage to rewind the clock and take the audience back to the times of their cherished moments, it also provided an opportunity for new rookie singers to introduce themselves and their talents to the public. The show had generated a pool of such skilled vocalists as Hong Kyung Min, Hwang Chi Yuel, Sohn Seung Yeun, Ali and others. They called themselves crew members of “Immortal Songs” and have established a very tight-knit relationship among themselves.

Mr. Kwon Jae Young is the director and the master crafter of the show. During an interview on April 27, he showed me a chat room on his cellphone app and said, “Here is something very interesting to note.”   I saw 23 members of “Immortal Songs” participants signed up to his chat room. Can you imagine these big name singers exchanging their chitchats in his small cellphone chat room?

“I bet this definitely is “the one of a kind” singers’ chat room in Korea. They had it for a long time now. I would say this friendship is another achievement they made after 6 years of building up on “Immortal Songs” together. The show would not have last this long without them. We don’t have them sign “exclusive contract” with us. We retain such an informal relationship that we occasionally even talk about show ratings on Sundays (laugh). They are strongly tied together thanks to this commonness. I call it a power of singing. “

Director Kwan also expressed his personal affection to singer Hwang Chi Yuel as he was telling us about his first encounter with him.  He said,” People remember him from “I Can Hear Your Voice” of Mnet.  I also was able to discover him thanks to “I Can Hear Your Voice” show. However, I dare say that “Immortal Songs” show is also a very critical part of what he is now.  I heard he mentioned this, too. “

“HCY never forgets to mention our show whenever he can, but his success story (on media coverage) is all about “I Can Hear Your Voice” to our disappointment (laugh). When he first became famous through his exposure to “I Can Hear Your Voice, he had no management agency that worked for him. Our “Immortal Songs” team rather acted as his agency in a way. In general, song arrangement, orchestra props and stage designs are presented by singer’s management company before they participate in the competition. However, HCY did not have any practical means to do it on his own. So, we stepped in and took care of that for him. He clinched the championship only after his third appearance in the show. And the rest is the history.  He gained people’s big attention. He got to sign with a management company 4 month afterwards and he even made to the Chinese show.  Chinese version of “I am a Singer” production team wanted to see HCY in person after watching his performances in “Immortal Songs.  I invited them to Korea.  I was very proud of him showcasing his stage in China.  I and HCY promised to each other that his next singing stage would be at our show “Immortal Songs” when he comes back and is ready to go back on stage. We do not have a specific time frame yet though.

“Immortal Songs – Singing of the Legends” airs at 6:05pm every Saturdays.

Source: Naver


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