Vocalist Hwang Chi Yeul is no longer titled a “Man of China”, but is crowned with a new title “Man of Asia”.

Translated by Totorozang

(Written by OSEN Park So Young)


Vocalist Hwang Chi Yeul is no longer titled a “Man of China”, but is crowned with a new title “Man of Asia”.

His new single album “Without you” was released on April 26 and immediately topped the iTunes K-pop single chart in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.  The song also ranked #2 in Macao music chart.

It is also noteworthy that his single album ranked # 1 in across-the-genre music chart in Twain, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.  The news clearly demonstrates a striking level of support received from his overseas fans considering that the album was never even officially promoted outside of Korea.

This unstoppable momentum doesn’t remain in the boundaries of Asia. It ranked #5 in Canada and #7 in Australia respectively representing a remarkable power of his extended fandom across the globe.

HCY’s special single album titled “Without You” is a special gift he openly dedicated to his dear fans. HCY has now become an indisputable “viral” star after spending 9 long years of staying anonymous.  He was said to have prepared this single album as a token of his profound gratitude to his fans who consistently stood by him.

His new song features a traditional ballad tunes filled with HCY’s signature touches of deep velvety voice. His husky and yet soft voice immediately captivates and pleases listeners. HCY’s approach to his own interpretation of traditional ballad tunes has now proven to score a huge success not only in Korea but also across many Asian borders.

HCY was first spotlighted through his appearance in “I Can Hear Your Voice” show last year and has been actively engaging himself in many singing and variety shows in Korea. He also caught recent viral attention in China with his amazing vocal performances he showcased in Chinese version of “I am a Singer” show.

HCY is now keeping himself super busy with many commercial ads, events, and TV shows in both Korea and China.  His new single album “Without You” is further supercharging him and awarding him a new and prestigious title of “Prince of Asia”.

Source: Naver



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