Hwang Chiyeul talks about pursuing dreams

Translated by Totorozang

10 years ago, I had packed my suitcase for first time to go pursue my dream. I had a dream that I would write and sing a song to make everyone happy. All I had at that time was my youth and all I could rely on was a hope for the future. I was a 24 back then. My suitcase was packed full of my dreams.

And today we have three young dreamers who also decided to pack their suitcases just like what I did. Here are these three young aspirants who just graduated from colleges. CH wants to be sports marketer, HC wants to become construction engineer, and Hanna hopes to become an hotelier.

They are all in their beautiful 20s, when everything can be so refreshing, exciting and happy to them. I am packing my suitcase again along with them. They are going on a long journey to follow after their dreams to participate in an overseas internship program. They will have to stretch themselves to their uttermost limits, to experience big hardships and to endure anther tough day. This show is about how these new rookie interns will be able to overcome themselves and grow to the next level. Will they really be able to find the dreams of their own there?

(This is a story about interns going on a hard journey to realize their dreams.)



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