[Eng Trans] Fan Post – Why I am a Hwang Chiyeul Fan.

Side Comment : (I’m sure a lot of fans can identify with this). Enjoy!

I translated an article about Hwang Chi Yeul written by a Chinese fan called 木苏musu_ on weibo into English. If you want to know more about this amazing singer, please read it. He deserves our love and support, always and forever!<3

Source:Hwang Chi Yeul – English Fb Page



2 thoughts on “[Eng Trans] Fan Post – Why I am a Hwang Chiyeul Fan.

  1. Absolutely! He is the best of the best! I tried to calculate the probability we could meet such a singer. Lets say there is a 10% of population good looking. Then 10% can sing, 10% can dance, 10% have a sense of humor, etc. Add all those excellent qualities up we multiply these percentage. Image what the chance we have to meet Chiyeul in our lifetime!

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  2. So true my friend.
    Even I tried u could not explain my love for Hwang Chi Yeol better than this.
    He is the best of best.
    Loving everything about him.

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