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Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 27)

“너 없이 못살아”라는 말을 세삼 다시 느끼게해주는 날들이였어요 공연후 깨끗해진 공연장을 보고 정말 아름다운 사람들과 함께 나아가고 있는 것 같아요 시간이 흘러 아름다운 추억이 될수있게 함께 만들어가 보아용^^

Last few days did remind me again what it would be like to live “Without You”. Witnessing how the venue was cleaned up after my show dawn on me that I am in this journey with such beautiful people Let’s create more wonderful memories together as we continue down the road^

Translated by Totorozang



[Eng Trans] Hwang Chiyeul’sKorean Entertainment Report

This is a translation of a Korean Entertainment report on Hwang Chiyeuls Fan meeting and also some translations of the fan comments.

Source/Translation: Hwang Chiyeul-English page.





[Pictures] Hwang Chiyeul’s Fan Meeting – Shenzen, China (June 23)

Pictures from Hwang Chiyeul’s Fan Meeting in Shenzen, China on June 23rd. Chiyeul played the piano, cooked a meal for the fans and at the end asked all the fans to help clean up the venue.

Photo Credit as shown on pictures.


[Eng Sub]Hwang Chiyeul cooks for fans at his Fan meeting (June 23)

Chiyeul attempts to prepare bibimpap (Korean rice and veggie dish) for fans during his recent fan meeting in Shenzen, China despite his poor cooking skills. He also interacts with fans while preparing the dish, making the process more enjoyable.

Source: HCY indonesia Fanbase

Thanks to Hwang Chiyeul Indonesia Fan Club for the English Subs. Please follow and subscribe to their channel for more subbed videos.

[Eng Sub] Hwang Chiyeul at Super Girl Show

Watch Hwang Chiyeul at the Super Girl Show on Hunan TV. Chiyeul sings in the beginning and then there is a game session and interaction with the contestants on the show.

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Asta TV Magazine from Sumi (Totorozang)

Bet you are all envious right now!!! 🙂  I received a copy of Asta TV Style magazine from Sumi (Totorozang). Best day ever!! Thanks Sumi, you are the best and thank you for always providing accurate translations and subtitles for the blog and for all Chiyeuls Fans.

PS. I take a picture of each page and put it up on the blog when i get the chance.