[Article Translation] Zhang Yu An talks about Hwang Chiyeul, “I am a crazy fan of his!”

한국 OSEN 뉴스 Korean News Article Summary:
Zhang Yu An talks about HCY, “I am a crazy fan of his!”

Hwang Chiyeul is always pleasant to be with and considerate. I think I love him more than any fans combined. I used to check up on feedback comments about him and made sure I relayed it to him correctly. We spent much time together relying on each other like real brothers since ” I am a Singer” show was not only his first debut show in China but also my first appearance in a reality show as well.

Hwang Chiyeul always said “I will make the best out of today wholeheartedly rather than worrying about what will happen tomorrow”. I have a tendency to procrastinate and wait till later. But I got inspired by his hard working mindset and got to learn a lot from him.

Source: OSEN

Translated by Totorozang


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