[Article Translation] Hwang Chiyeul to join the Judge Panel for Hunan TV’s “Super Girl” show.

Written By Lee Ji Suk Sports SEOUL
Translated by Totorozang


Solo vocalist Hwang Chiyuel will appear as a judge for a Chinese singing contest show. According to HOW Entertainment’s press release, “Hwang Chiyuel will be joining the judge panel of Mango TV’s singing audition program titled “ Super Girl” aired by Hunan TV network.

Hwang Chiyuel attended the top 20 finalists round on the 20th and showcased “Honey”. He previously clinched 1st place with the dance song in the Chinese version of “I am a Singer” show. He also spent time singing along with the top 20 contenders who survived the preliminary elimination rounds and enjoyed Q&A time together with them.

He gave his heart felt advice to the contestants during the show. He said to them, “Be confident and trust yourself. Set yourself on fire and show everything you’ve got on stage.”

“Super Girl” is a singing audition show for female contestants and recently made its renewed launch to bring back the thunder of its record -breaking success in the past. It was first aired back in 2003 by Hunan TV network and drew more than 400 million viewers. However, the show was banned in violation of broadcast regulation mandated by the Chinese authority.

The show gives intensive training to 100 amateur singer aspirants who pass preliminary elimination rounds. Then, only top 20 qualifiers are nominated to the final round. Final round contestants will receive custom training by their assigned mentor singers and will have to win viewers online and text poll to claim the grand championship.

Hwang Chiyuel, who is joining the judge panel, worked as idol band groups’ vocal trainer and is highly anticipated to boost the show with his experience-based vocal judging skills.
Hwang Chiyuel previously attended the premier of “Super Girl” show back in May to feature his singing and to share his warm words of encouragement with the contestants.

Hwang Chiyuel is expected to hold his fan meeting on June 23 to meet and greet with his fans in Shen Zhen, China.

Source: Naver


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