Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 27)

“너 없이 못살아”라는 말을 세삼 다시 느끼게해주는 날들이였어요 공연후 깨끗해진 공연장을 보고 정말 아름다운 사람들과 함께 나아가고 있는 것 같아요 시간이 흘러 아름다운 추억이 될수있게 함께 만들어가 보아용^^

Last few days did remind me again what it would be like to live “Without You”. Witnessing how the venue was cleaned up after my show dawn on me that I am in this journey with such beautiful people Let’s create more wonderful memories together as we continue down the road^

Translated by Totorozang




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