Act of love blissfully exhibited by Singer Hwang Chi Yeul’s fan group in Korea.

English  Translation by Sumi Choi ( Totorozang)


[OSEN=Reporter MiKyung Sun]


Exclusive coverage] Act of love blissfully exhibited by Singer Hwang Chi Yeul’s fan group in Korea. ” Deeply touched and grateful!” Hwang said.

Fans of solo vocalist Hwang Chi Yeul joined hands in one accord to show their act of love back to the community with their briquettes (combustible charcoal plates) charity works.

Hwang Chiyeul’s local fans are relaying a donation drive to help support many underprivileged families in Korea. This was followed by a series of recent charity activities initiated by his Chinese counterparts. Fan group representatives have presented the collected donation funds to a charity organization under Hwang Chiyeul’s and the group’s name.

Korean Naver HCY Fancafe “CHIYEULS” group made this contribution of approximately 7mil KRW (equivalent to about US$7,000) for the purchase of 14,204 compressed coal plates and donated to a local briquette sharing endowment organization. This is expected to reach 56 families in need by the month of October. Fans are reportedly launching a second round of donation drive soon. The donation amount of 7,102,000 KRW carries a significance in that 7102 is known to be Hwang Chiyeul’s nickname often addressed by many of his fans.

Earlier this year, Hwang Chiyeul’s Chinese fan groups led group-wide donation drives to help feed families in need and made donation to a “Free Lunch Endowment Foundation”.

These collective acts of love dedicated to a star are now positively extending to local communities in need. Furthermore, it is becoming such a noteworthy influence to help raise overseas awareness as well.

Hwang Chiyeul’s agency commented, ” We belatedly were informed of this wonderful news. We are very thankful. Hwang Chiyeul said he was deeply touched and expressed his appreciation to his dear fans. “

Source: Naver


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