[Article Translation] Hwang Chiyeul’s Mandarin Single Album world-wide release, Solo Concert to kick off in August from Beijing, China


Translated by Karen Lyn (Thanks)

According to sources, Korean popular singer Hwang Chi Yeul’s first Mandarin digital single “The Farthest Distance” will have its international release on 20th July. It is expected to be promoted throughout Asia’s Chinese entertainment, and is dubbed as one of the most “Highly Anticipated Songs”.

In collaboration with renowned musician Dong Ying Da, the single bears the core concept of “heart-healing*feelings of hurt”, and is customized to Hwang Chi Yeul’s unique vocals that is most suitable for Korean dramas (soundtrack), making it the love song that solely belongs to him, and bearing his signature soulful music style. Reliable sources state that Hwang Chi Yeul will have a series of huge music projects coming up right after the single’s release. More details are to be followed up.

A Song that is Waiting for a Good Voice – Hwang Chi Yeul Perfectly Interprets It

Right after the “I am a Singer” fame, Hwang Chi Yeul uses his soulful singing style and exquisite vocal abilities to sing into one’s heart, becoming one of the top singers active in the Chinese music industry. Hwang Chi Yeul, who has all along been good at controlling just the right amount of emotions in his songs, naturally becomes the owner of “The Farthest Distance”. This piece of music has its tune and lyrics produced in collaboration with renowned musician Dong Ying Da. Ms Dong has not only been known to personally see to the production of various top film soundtracks, she has also been awarded the “The Best Original Soundtrack” at the Los Angeles 13th World Film Festival.

When a superb songwriter and lyricist meets a singer that can perfectly interpret music, “The Farthest Distance” can finally be created. When asked by a reporter about her opinion of Hwang Chi Yeul, she was full of praises and revealed,

“Over at the recording studio, upon hearing him sing the first sentence, I quietly lowered my head and couldn’t hide my smile for a long, long time. A piece of music that was written has been waiting all along for that one unique voice, and Hwang Chi Yeul’s interpretation made me feel relieved for persevering until now – it is such an awesome feeling to have finally found you!”

Hwang Chi Yeul uses his voice to answer, just how far can “The Farthest Distance” be?

Part of the chorus of “The Farthest Distance” is revealed for the first time –

“世上最远的距离 The world’s furthest distance / 是你我在一起 is when you and I are together / 在一起却不知我心意 together but you do not know how I feel / 世上最远的距离 The world’s furthest distance / 是你我的分离 is our separation / 像暗夜白天遥望着叹息 almost like peering and sighing into the days and nights.”

The beautiful lyrics, coupled with Hwang Chi Yeul’s perfect vocals, unconditionally displayed the image of a man who loves deeply, but never utters a word of his true feelings. While recording for “The Farthest Distance”, Hwang Chi Yeul frankly revealed,

“The content and emotions of the song is very similar to my past experience, I could even feel in detail the sentimental aspects of the song. I hope that my voice can interpret those feelings of a love that can neither be desired nor expressed”.

Just how will this single that is widely-praised and promoted by musicians be performed? Hwang Chi Yeul will let you know on 20th July.

Another piece of note-worthy news is that Hwang Chi Yeul’s management company is working in full force to prepare for his solo concert that fans have been highly calling out for – 1st stop at Beijing, China on 26 August at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium (Beijing Workers’ Sports Complex).

Source: (QQ Entertainment News)


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