[Article Summary] Hwang Chiyeul’s Temporary Goodbye to MBC’s “I Live Alone”


Article Summary

” It’s been ten years since I debuted and I am getting myself ready for a concert of my own in 10 years. I was contemplating on what to do to better prep myself and decided to go on a short trip to visit my old places to rekindle my original heart”.

He goes back to his old rooftop neighborhood to recollect on his past year. That place was gone and was filled with new buildings. He said ” this tiny place was my hope and was what had rekindled my determination to soar again”. After he came back home, he cooked his fried rice with beef and even wine and was reflecting on his tough days when he couldn’t afford those expensive ingredients for his quick meals …He said his ” original heart ” was what helped him to stand at where he is and will never forget .

He is leaving the show “I Live Alone” temporarily to prepare for his concert. He expressed his thanks saying how much of a great time he had on the show.

Source : Sports Chosun

Translated by Totorozang


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