Hwang Chiyeul’s New Mandarin Song “Dream with Me” available for download for Free


Hwang Chiyeul’s new Mandarin song 陪我一起做梦 ‘Dream with me’ has been released today, August 3rd and is available for download on Chinese music platform Kugou (FOR FREE). Link below


PS. Have to admit – I really like this new song ❤


[Article Translation] Hwang Chi Yeul’s Jumei’s Live Broadcast- First public mini performance of new song ‘The Furthest Distance'(July 31)


Translated by Karen Lyn

On 31 July, “Blazing Golden Voice” Hwang Chiyeul appeared for the first time on an Internet live broadcast, and sang his latest single ‘The Farthest Distance’. This is the first time Hwang Chiyeul performed (acappella) his first Chinese single live, since its release on the 20th of July, which attracted an accumulated number of over 7 million fans to watch the broadcast online.

2016 is the year Hwang Chiyeul participated in “I am a Singer Season 4” as part of the original lineup (original content indicates he entered the competition halfway – not true), taking over the audience with ‘改变自己 Gai Bian Zi Ji (Change Oneself)’, and won third place for the season. From then on, his popularity is constantly on a rapid rise. On 20th July, Hwang Chiyeul released his first solo Mandarin single ‘The Farthest Distance’, and immediately set a historical purchase record of having 100,000 pieces sold in 30 minutes, 200,000 pieces in 12 hours, and later went on to gain the status of double platinum album.

This is Hwang Chiyeul first public singing of ‘The Farthest Distance’. The broadcast platform instantly saw an accumulated gain of over 7 million viewers online. “The world’s furthest distance / is when we are together / together but you do not know how I feel” – Oppa sang the Chinese song using an accurate accent and conveyed deep feelings of love, which led to overwhelming praises from the online viewers. According to news, this song will also be a part of the Original Soundtrack of upcoming movie “Sweet Sixteen”.

In order to relay the song with the best effects, Hwang Chiyeul revealed during the live session that he has been studying Chinese conscientiously. Oppa’s Chinese language level was not only seen from the way he perform the song, he also did pretty well in trying out the various Chinese province accents. Under the guidance of the MC and fans at the event, he managed to speak using Hunan, Dongbei and Sichuan accents with ease, inviting a wave of praises from fans both online and at the event itself.

At the same time, Hwang Chi Yeul’s love for food could not be hidden during the live session. He could have his eyes masked and yet accurately guess Shanghai’s meat dumplings, Peking duck, Guangzhou’s steamed vermicelli roll and Changsha’s smelly beancurd etcetera, which are all China’s famous delicacies. Caught in the midst of good food, Oppa could not resist feeding the delicacies to fans as well, which got fans exclaiming, “It’s super delicious!”

Source: DoNews