Chiyeul is currently promoting his new album be ordinary and he is slated to be on a bunch of variety shows and make TV appearances in Korea.

V-live – June 13 2017 LINK HERE

I can see your voice Season 4 Ep 16  – aired Thursday June 15th 2017 LINK HERE

Cultwo Show – Thursday June 15th

*******TO BE AIRED********

Ask us Anything/Knowing Brother -17 June 2017- JTBC 08.50PM KST

Happy Together – 22nd June – Happy together 11.05PM KST

Three great emperors -23rd June SBS  -11.20PM KST

SOLO/YOLO Concert 24-25 June 2017 at the Seoul Olympic Park.

Canada Concert – 10-11 August 2017  -Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada.




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  1. Hwang Chi Yeol won as 1st winner on Music Bank, June 23rd 2017. Proud of him. I cant wait to hear he win other awards as evidences of his hard work. He deserves it!!! HCY jjang!!!

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