[Eng Translation]Heartfelt message posted on Social Media by Staff of Hwang Chiyeul’s Agency. #be_ordinary #hwangchiyeul #newalbum


Translated by Totorozang (Sumi)

Three months have passed by. Some can argue it’s too short or others can say it’s too long. However, it was the longest time I have ever spent getting to learn more about things and going my own soul-searching as well.

Despite my insufficient talent, I had invested so much time and effort to help complete the album release and host this concert. I can’t say I am 100% satisfied. However, I feel proud of myself when I see so many fans loving and enjoying them. I now have to gear up myself to prepare for the better.
Frankly speaking, I was so busy with keeping the show going that nothing much came into my mind when Chiyeul oppa was starting to tear up during the Sat show. But I almost teared up myself when he sang “ A Daily Song” on Sunday and added that everyone said his album release was doomed to fail.
I heard that same comment frequently while we were working on the album. They used to say, “Take it easy, it’s gonna fail anyway. Why are you guys working so hard for nothing? Don’t even waste your time to go an extra mile. No one will recognize it, I bet. “
We worked for the album not to seek any recognition from anyone nor to flop it. We did our best just because it was our album no matter how successful or unsuccessful it becomes.
Album and concert preps really helped me to expand my horizon and to improve myself to a next stage. Each and every member of my company were dedicated. I dare say we have become the best-in-class team learning from each other, exhibiting a great deal of collaboration, highlighting our strengths and complementing each other’s shortcomings. I am deeply thankful to them all. I will never be lucky enough to encounter such an amazing team again.
Album is finally released and concert is over. This is not the end but the beginning of the next chapter. I’ll continue for the better next time….!>I suggest you go and leave her an encouraging comment 🙂
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3 thoughts on “[Eng Translation]Heartfelt message posted on Social Media by Staff of Hwang Chiyeul’s Agency. #be_ordinary #hwangchiyeul #newalbum

  1. You had done your best & I can see success coming on the way ! Don’t give up, each have their own talent. 👍👍👍👏👏👏💪💪💪

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  2. All of you did a very good job. Well done. Please keep up the good work and strive for the best all the time. All your efforts are recognized, you have done so much. I truly appreciate all your hard work for bringing joy and happiness into our hearts. Do not despair with what others say especially the negative ones, just continue looking and moving forward. I believe all your concerted efforts has yet to soar higher and reach the greatest heights that you can achieve. You have proven it, you can do much more especially with our beloved Hwang Chi Yeul. Fighting!!!


  3. Hwang Chiyeolssi, There are always people who will discourage you and maybe you have self doubts because of having this happen once before and then you faded from View. But your fans and supporters are cheering you on and know you do your best always, which is amazing in our eyes. But in the end the most important thing is that you do your best for yourself so that you can go to bed at night knowing that you are living with integrity and being the person you are meant to be. Fighting! (By the way that is something we never say in English.)

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