Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 27)

“너 없이 못살아”라는 말을 세삼 다시 느끼게해주는 날들이였어요 공연후 깨끗해진 공연장을 보고 정말 아름다운 사람들과 함께 나아가고 있는 것 같아요 시간이 흘러 아름다운 추억이 될수있게 함께 만들어가 보아용^^

Last few days did remind me again what it would be like to live “Without You”. Witnessing how the venue was cleaned up after my show dawn on me that I am in this journey with such beautiful people Let’s create more wonderful memories together as we continue down the road^

Translated by Totorozang




Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 16)

열심히 녹음중이에요^^ 멋진음악 준비중이에요~ 아자아자!! 화이팅!!!
I’m enthusiastically recording^^ Preparing for wonderful music~ Go Go!! Fighting !!! ~

Translation by @abouthessi

Source Chiyeul’s Weibo


Hwang Chiyeul Weibo Update (June 13)

오늘 즐겁게 촬영 마쳤어요^^ 북경팬님들 너무 감사해요[心] 함께 촬영하는동안 힘드시진않았나요? 편안한 밤되세요^^

I had a great time with filming today^^ Let me send my big thanks to you all, dear Beijing fans. Wasn’t it too hard and tiring for you while filming together? Have a good night ^^

Translated by Totorozang


Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 10)

성도 팬러분 감사해요^^ 즐겁게 공연했어용 ❤ 많은 응원 감사드려요 모두 아자아자!!

Thank you, Cheng Du fans^^ I had a great time performing. Thank you for your support!! Go go everyone!!

Source: Chiyeuls Weibo

Translated by Totorozang

(Ps. Aren’t the Fans so sweet 🙂



Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 8)

역사와 문화의 도시 성도를 공부했답니다~^^ 너무 재미있게 구경했어요!! 호우구워 너무 맛있게 먹었어요~^^ 내일 만나요옹^^

I had a chance to explore Cheng Du, the iconic city of history and culture~^^I enjoyed sightseeing so much!! I loved Hua Gua dish a lot^^ I will see you tomorrow^^

Source: Chiyeuls Weibo

Translated by Totorozang


Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (June 6)

오늘 바자잡지 촬영했어요<3 열심히 찍었어요 기대해주세요<3

Today, I had a photo shoot for Bazaar Magazine. I put in a lot of effort for the photo shoot. Please look forward to it.

Source: Chiyeuls Weibo


Hwang Chiyeul Weibo Update (June 4)

산야 도착했어요^^ 비행기에서 희철이두 만나고^^ 날기다려준 해바라기 팬님들~ 오늘은 꿈속에서 같이 수영하기ㅎㅎ 아님 태닝?

Arrived in Sanya^^ I ran into Heechul in the plane^^ To my fans who’ve always waited for me, shall we swim or get tanned together in my dreams?

Source: Chiyeuls Weibo

Translated by Totorozang



Last picture was posted by Heechul on his instagram


Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update (May 30)

건강검진 때문에 오신 부모님 식당에서 얼마나 웃었는지 ❤ 핫핫 사랑합니당 ❤

My parents are here (Seoul) for medical checkup, they made me laugh so hard in the restaurant <3. Haha Love you ❤

Source: Chiyeul’s Weibo/ Translated by @abouthessi



Hwang Chiyeul’s Weibo Update 3/3 (May 29)

한국 잘도착했어요[心] 반겨주신 팬님들 저 없는 동안 얼굴이 더 좋아지셨어용[心] 정말 감사합니다 알랴븅[心]

Arrived safe and sound in Korea. Fans that welcomed me got better looking while I wasn’t here. Thank you very much, I love you ❤

Source: Chiyeuls Weibo/ @abouthessi