Hwang Chi Yeul at Yun Hou Modern Music Festival – Hunan TV News

Video subbed by Hwang Chiyeul Indonesia Fanbase

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Live Stream of 아는 형님 (MY Buddy Bros) on 7/9 (Today)

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Written by Totorozang (Sumi)

GOOD NEWS! Facebook will cast a live video stream of “아는 형님 (MY Buddy Bros) on 7/9 (Today). All you need to do is to check off either “interested” ” going ” or ” invite”. If the participants’ number reaches over 5000, the show will go live on FB as well as on the network on Sat night  (11PM Korean time).

It’s FB promo event to draw more viewers this Saturday. Click on the link below and go participate!

Link Below (live stream starts in about 36 minutes.