Presents for Hwang Chiyeul 

Hey guys so I made a video while in South Korea I got some presents for Chiyeul before leaving on this trip and I wanted to show you what I got. I got very simple gifts but I hope I get the chance to give them to him while I’m here. link below It’s a little awkward so i apologize in advance 😂. It’s the first time I’m doing anything of this sort.  Enjoy!!


ABC’s (American Born Chinese) react to Hwang Chiyeul’s Bang bang bang.

In this video, the American Born Chinese panelist react to Jeff Chang, Hwang Chiyeul and Coco Lee in this order. Would recommend watching the entire video.  Its definitely entertaining.

Chiyeul’s react portion starts at 1:48 minute mark and there is a Q and A portion at the end.


Source: LIT 我的海漂时代

Thanks to Hwang Chiyeul Singapore Fan Club (Evelynn) for sharing.