Update: I’m back from my Haitus. Blog updates starting soon (slowly) :)


Hello everyone,

Its been a long time since i last updated the blog. Its been a hectic and busy past few months. I do apologize for disappearing the way i did.

Thank you to all those who sent messages and emails to check in. Some, I am only seeing now.  I’m going to slowing start updating the blog with links for shows and what not. I’m hoping to slowing catch up on all that I have missed and update the pictures as well as content on the blog.

Thank you all for the continued support. I was pleasantly surprised to find that fans have still been coming by the blog. There has been a lot of traffic (in the thousands) even though i was not putting up any new content. I am really glad that the fan base is still growing strong. It has been quite interesting to watch Hwang Chiyeul from the side lines without actively being part of the information gathering and new spreading process.

On a lighter side, Chiyeul is finally releasing his album whoot! whooot! whoot! which means that he will be promoting and guesting on a variety of shows. i guess this is a good time to be back 🙂

I hope we can all give out support and also buy his new album.

See you all in the comments and feel free to send an email 🙂 chiyeolinternational@gmail.com or message on twitter!!

PS- If there is anything you want me to update or add to the blog, feel free to send it my way!!


Phae in the yellow Sun



A message from Chiyeul concerning his digital single in Mandarin (July 24)


Chiyeul  wrote this in his official fan cafe.

I would like to extend my thanks to you all first^^

I cherish this song so much that I kept on going with more rounds of recording even when the producer Mr. Lee and the song writer Wang said it was good enough.

I get reminiscent with this song^^
I paid a lot of attention to my Chinese pronunciation this time~

Thank you again for always rooting for me and sending me a huge support!! This really helps me strive harder.

It’s also a crucial time for me to take better care of my health.

You all are as important as my music  is to me. I love you.

Translated by Totorozang  (Sumi)