Actor Lee Suh Jin and Singer Hwang Chiyeul showed a highly unexpected close-knit chemistry together


“Talent for Sale” aired on 7/22 by KBS2 network invited HCY as a talent donor.

Their coincidental ties were revealed on the show as Hwang Chiyeul contributed to the soundtrack “Confession” for a Korean soap opera show “Lovers” starred by Lee Suh Jin in the past.

As Hwang Chiyeul was sharing his “Life Graph” with the panel, he mentioned he had to endure toughest trial and tribulations in his life when he first moved to Seoul on zero financial footing and his father fell ill with a gastric cancer concurrently. He said, “I told my father I would try to sustain myself for one more year and would come back home if I failed to pull this off. And that’s when I got an offer to sing this soundtrack for “Lovers”.

During his days as a vocal trainer, Hwang Chiyeul appeared on “I Hear Your Voice”, followed by “Immortal Songs”, and very lately the Chinese version of “ I am A Singer”, which soon brought him to a viral stardom in China.

Hwang Chiyeul thanked his fans and mentioned he would not be too preoccupied with his fame. He said,” My dear fans loved me all the time when they could rather follow so many other talents who sing better, dance better and feature way better looks than me.”

This good-humored and friendly tit for tat between Hwang Chiyeul and Lee enraptured and delighted many show viewers. .

Translation by Totorozang (Sumi Choi)
Source: Naver

Reported by Sohn Hyo Jung