Music/Variety Shows

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Korean Entertainment Shows

MBC-I Live Alone (2015/2016)

No Sub

EP 126 /EP131/EP134

Eng Sub

(EP136/ EP137/EP138/EP139/EP142/ EP144/EP146/EP148/EP149/ 153

EP155 / EP159 (Link 1 / 2) EP 161 (LINK 1 / LINK 2 ) EP166 (Link 1 / Link 2)

EP168 (Link 1 / Link 2) /

TV SHOWS Episodes Date  Aired
Running Man EP272 (100vs 100 race Episode 2)
Entertainment Weekly- KBS (Ep1580-Chiyeul Cut/Full Episode) (Starts at 8:34  EP1611) (Starts at 10:33 EP1619) 14/02/2016
Lets Go Dream Team – KBS EP290- The 2015 Singers’ Track and Field Competition (2015.07.30)
Hello Counselor-KBS EP 234-Kim Wonjun, Bada, Hwang Chiyeol, Chahee & Yein (2015.08.03)
Safety First -KBS EP493/EP498/EP501/EP502/EP503
Witch Hunt-JTBC No Eng Sub EP103
Radio Star – MBC No Eng Sub EP443/ EP478(Eng Sub Link1  /Link2)  18 May 2015
3 wheels aka World Changing Quiz Show- MBC

No Eng Sub EP316

Healing Camp-SBS EP 209
Non-Summit-JTBC No Eng Sub EP71
Two You Project: Sugarman-JTBC EP04
Law of the Jungle-SBS EP 191EP192EP193/EP194
1vs. 100 -KBS No Eng Sub EP416
2015 Idol Star Athletics Championship EP 1 /EP 2
MBC Entertainment Awards 2015 Video
KBS Song Festival Video
Buddy Bros aka Ask us Anything – JTBC Eng Sub EP 1 Link 1 / 2

No Eng Sub /EP2 / EP3 / EP4 / EP5 / EP6

ENG SUB EP 32 Link 1 / 2

Happy Together-KBS


Talent for Sale

EP431  / EP443


EP 12 ( Link 1 / Link 2 )

Music Shows

[2016] Hunan TV – I am a singer 4 China

Aired Episode Song Rank
January 15 1 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

That person – ‘King of Baking, Kim Takgu drama OST originally sung by Lee Seung chul


2nd out of 8 singers
January 22 2 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performace

From the beginning until now –Winter Sonata drama OST originally by Ryu 2nd out of 9 singers
January 29 3 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

How much I love – 路上有你  by Jacky Cheung 3rd out of 7 singers
February 5 4 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Bang Bang Bang originally by Big Bang 1st out of 7 singers

(Also voted 1st by other singers on the show)

February 12 5 – Full Episode [No Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Silence – 默 You are my sunshine Chinese drama OST by Na Ying 6th out of 7 singers
February 19 6 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Confession – by Yim Jaebeom 3rd out of 7 singers
February 26 7 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Peformance

Eternity of a person – 一個人的天荒地老 originally by Phil Chang 4th out of 7 singers
March 4 8 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Honey originally by Park Jin Young 1st out of 7 singers
March 11 9 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

You are only in a place slightly higher than I by Shin Seung Hun 4th out of 7 singers
March 18 10 – Full Episode [End Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Change my self by Wang Lee Hom 1st out of 7 Singers
March 25 11 – Full Episode [Eng Sub]

Chiyeuls Performance

Like being shot by a bullet by Baek Ji Young
4th out of 7 singers
April 8th  [No Eng Sub] 14 – Full Episode

Duet/ Solo

You are my Everything by Gummy (Duet with Gummy)

Queen by Jam Hsiao (Solo)

3rd place overall for Season 4
 April 15  15 – Full Episode

Chiyeuls Performace

Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan (对你爱不完) -Endless love to you originally by Aaron Kwok
Green Apple Paradise – Qing ping guo le yuan -(小虎队 – 青苹果乐园) by Xiao hu dui

[2015] KBS -IMMORTAL SONGS 2  불후의 명곡 2[ENG SUB]

Date Aired Episode Title Song
April 25 Episode 196 The legend that sings of time and

life. Seo Yuseok

Cloud Wanderer – 구름 나그네


May 2 Episode 197 The seven legends special Chilgapsan -칠갑산
May 16 Episode 199 Family Special Father- 아버지
May23/30 Episode 200

Episode 201

The Little Giant –Kim Soochul Tomorrow – 내일


June 6 Episode 202 Lee Seungchul special That person
July 4 Episode 206 Moon Hee Ok& Kim Ji Ae Special Because of Jeong 정 때문에
August 1 Episode 210 The men of Immortal Song mesmerize the ladies Sad Promise슬픈 언약식
August 8 Episode 211 Songwriter Kim Jeongtaek Its still a dark night
August 15 Episode 212 The 2015 Super Rookie Showdown You are only in a place slightly higher than I –
August 22 Episode 213 Lyrics, the late Ban Yawol Bakdal-Jae crying and passing over

울고 넘는 박달재

August 29/September 5 Episode 214

Episode 215

Adapted songs with C’est Si Bon. Anything that’s part of you (love that left with the fallen leaves)
September 26 Episode 218 Chuseok Special Pink Lipstick
November 21 Episode 226 The late Kim Jung ho White Butterfly-            하얀 나비
November 28 Episode 227 Baek Ji young Special Burden-     부담
December 12 Episode 229 G.O.D Special Lies 거짓말


[MNET] I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE [ 너의 목소리가 보여]

Episode 2 [Eng sub]    Guest – Lena Park

Episode 6 [Eng Sub]      Guest – Kim Yeon Woo

Episode 7 [Eng sub]      Guest  – Changmin &Kwon Jo

Episode 8 [No sub]      Guest –  Jang Yun Jeong

Episode 9 [No sub]      Guest – Kang Kyunsung& Jeon Woosung [Noel]

Episode 10 [No sub]     Guest – Jung Jaeyong & Lee Haneul [DJ DOC]

Episode 12 [No sub]     No Guest


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